Dragør Lokalarkiv
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Dragør during german occupation 1940-1945

During World War II thousands of jews were sailed to Sweden by danish fishermen, rescuing them from beeing deported to concentration camps in Germany.

About 700 jews was rescued through the port of Dragør.

Dragør under the german occupation of Denmark during World War II was described by former local archivist Svend Jans in 1985. Download his manuscript from here (PDF).

Raymond Zuschlag - grandnephew of a Dragor masterbaker - has written the story of his family in Dragor during the german occupation, with a special focus on the rescue of danish jews through the harbour of Dragor.
Download his story here (PDF - 6 MB).

Ellen Nielsen was one of many helpers in Dragoer. She helped jewish refugees and members of the danish resistances as well. She was arrested in 1944 and deported to the german concentrations camp in Ravensbrück. Read her story here.

English version of an exhibition in Dragor Local History Archives exhibition about the rescuing of danish jews in October 1943.

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